Gain a Complete System with the Cash Register POS Software!

AKEAD POS software, developed for the enterprises to excel their businesses, cover their needs, ensure compliance with the legislation and have a functional system, is preferred by many enterprises from various industries with the solutions it offers…

Quick Sales Screen

The software used as a front office sales screen enables issuing an e-invoice quickly, and the software used as a back office management system offers a systematic, handy and integrated management network to the enterprises. The cash register POS program used by enterprises in different fields of activity such as textile retail, market and furniture retail, builds solutions for different industries with its modular structure.

Ergonomic and User-Friendly Screens

AKEAD POS system can be installed on all Windows-based computers with a touch screen, and offers a simple, modern and functional management space with its functional screen designs developed for the users to have a comfortable experience.

The POS software enables the enterprises to carry out their sales quickly and easily with its system screen, which was designed by taking into account every need, and it is also preferred by global enterprises as it can function in 5 different languages.

Cash Register POS Software

The POS software, which covers the needs of enterprises to catch up the technology and the developments in the industry, generates solutions in different points with dynamic management processes.

AKEAD POS system, which can run as integrated into cash registers, has a user-friendly screen and management panel, and conforms to both B2C and B2B, can issue a customer loyalty program and used by enterprises with multiple branches, can enrich its specifications with the modules that can be added.

Reliable, Quick and Functional POS System

AKEAD POS software, positioned at a separate place with its reliable, quick and functional infrastructure among the cash register systems that can be equipped with various functions to carry out many operations on a single system, minimizes the error margin and provides a performance increase

AKEAD software, which enable the required campaigns, promotions and correct pricing to achieve competitive edge, create a suitable environment to increase the sales and profit margin. AKEAD systems also enable inventory management, warehouse management, and procurement management, and they produce solutions in every point.

Financial Situation Follow Up

AKEAD-POS has developed itself with its capability to respond to the requests received from the site quickly, and it also facilitates the business of all enterprises with its capacity to carry out many operations correctly. Regardless of whether it is used as a restaurant POS system, a market POS system or a cafe automation system, the application provides flexibility and strength to enterprises in each case with a practical management area.

In addition to daily, weekly, monthly and annual reporting, AKEAD POS program also provides information about the general trend with period comparisons, and acts as a guide for the decisions taken by the enterprises regarding their financial situations. Furthermore, the situation of the accounts in the safe-deposit box and at the banks can be monitored, and statistics related with sales, apart from the Z-report can be issued.

Application which Creates Difference with Customer Loyalty

Enterprises take a decision to conduct a loyalty program on behalf of their customers as their most valuable assets, and make one of the most accurate investments for the future of their companies. AKEAD also assists commercial organizations with a POS system in this respect, and offers solutions to increase the enterprises’ customer potential.

By supporting the building of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, AKEAD-POS loyalty system intends to increase the turnovers of enterprises, and it can inform its customers of special campaigns, issue special campaigns for them or perform award-point events. The customer feels special with such efforts and their loyalty to the brand increase continuously.

Increase the Customer Potential with Second Screen Management

Second screen management, as one of the leading details among hundreds of characteristics of AKEAD-POS, also allows for the circulation of ads which would receive customers’ interest during sales.

Visually noticed attractive, entertaining designs are offered completely with the characteristics and dimensions determined by the enterprise, and enable attracting the customer during sales. The second screen management, which informs customers of the campaigns and enables them to obtain higher turnover, is one of the most favorite and most commonly used functions of enterprises…


Akead software solutions as advanced technology products which enable the enterprises to use their resources as effective as possible, also move forward the companies’ productivity and potential with its applications which respond to different needs. Find the most suitable Akead software solutions for your company now, and invest in the future!

With the Mobile application, developed as a mobile application of BS and ERP software solutions, you can easily access the data such as reports, inventory status information.
Warehouse handheld terminal software Woper allows you to conduct all transactions via mobile platform from inventory control to product management, shipment planning to sales.
e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Dispatch, e-Export, e-Ledger applications bring you a system which is compatible with digital transformation and legal legislation.
Customer Loyalty Program
Increase both sales and loyalty with the loyalty card which satisfies customer expectations and measures brand loyalty.