Enterprise Resource Planning System for SMEs and Small-Scale Businesses

AKEAD BS, designed considering the requirements of SMEs and small-scale enterprises, is a commercial software solution, which allows companies to manage various processes such as accounting, product, inventory, sales, and current account management, and use them as effective as possible…

Multilateral Commercial Software

This Business Solution multilateral business management software, which has been developed in order to respond to various segments of the commercial structure in enterprise resource planning systems, supports enterprises in growing and enhancing their businesses as they need different solutions due to their structures and sizes.

Comprehensive Management Means from Sales to Logistics

AKEAD BS increases the potential, productivity and success of all teams as the organizations start managing their all business process such as sales, marketing, accounting and logistics effectively. With the modules developed for AKEAD BS, all operational activities of companies from product supply process to planning are controlled, and the organizations obtain comprehensive management means.

Modules Developed According to The Requirements

By enabling both saving time and cost, AKEAD BS commercial software solution allows corporations to achieve their objectives and expend their businesses in a shorter time period, and creates a suitable environment for the companies to gain competitive edge.

By offering an option for package transition with modules developed according to the requirements, AKEAD supports companies’ growth potential, and produces solutions for all segments of the commercial structure.

Corporate Documents Specific for Your Company

Akead BS software solution allows for creating detailed corporate documents with enriched content beginning from the stage of quotation and throughout the entire processes by including delivery, shipment, foreign exchange details and various notes in addition to the production information. The structure, which also allows for addition additional documents in various formats such as PDF and JPG, allows for making a visually rich offer to customers.

Processing documents such as quotation, order, dispatch note, invoice and return invoice in the sales processes; following payments and collections, and managing sellers can very easily and comprehensively be performed with the BS commercial software solution.

Unlimited Control With 5 Key Management Points

AKEAD BS produces solution to users through 5 key management points including current account management, product and inventory management, order – quotation and invoice management, statistics & reporting management, accounting management. AKEAD, being aware that commercial companies should have a successful software to cover all expectations and requirements of commercial companies on customer and supplier basis, offers a system integrated with the software solution which was developed as a result of strong processes of analysis.