Backup Service

Data loss or damaging of the data due to any reasons, which is possibly one of the worst scenarios that may happen in a company, results in a serious damage for organizations. Such a case may even result in the termination of the commercial activities of the organization unless the stored data can be recovered.

The Secret of Data Security is AKEAD Back-Up Solution

Against such data thefts which increase day by day and may happen to very large organizations, not backing up the data creates a great risk for organizations, therefore the importance of data security increases day by day. Therefore, depending on the work processes at the organizations, the establishment of back-up systems and daily tracking of back-up operations is are critical.

AKEAD offers 3 different methods to back up

Back Up on a Device: Possibility to back up on a device connected to your host computer. After setting the backup frequency in the software, you will be asked the path of backing up your data while you exit the software. After defining the patch, the data are backed up according to the back-up frequency.

Automatic Backup: The data are backed up automatically according to the frequency and path you would define. The data are backed up at night. If backup is not realized at night, a notice is given when the computer is turned on, and thus backing up the data is ensured.

FTP Backup: It is available for use by the companies with an update package. The data are backed up on AKEAD services with your defined password and frequency. It is a rescue line for companies and saves them in the event of a possible disaster scenario.

How To Back Up Data?

Data should be backed up daily on the host computer, or it should be backed up regularly by transferring to external devices. Ensuring continuity of FTP back-up is critical as a disaster scenario for the users who continue the AKEAD update package.

Long-term disruptions in the back-up order may cause loss of data in the event of a problem; therefore the process should be conducted without any disruptions. Planning backup of images and documents is also important while backing up your data. We recommend you to adjust the frequency of backing up images and documents to avoid a lengthy back-up process.

Problems That MayCause Loss of Data

Hardware Problems: Failed, burnt or damaged hard drive

Software Problems: Crushing of the operating system, misuse of software, damage caused by viruses and harmful software on the system

External Problems: Damage caused by power cut, low or high voltage on the operating system or hardware, attacks via the Internet and access to the information by the attacks, damage caused by incognizant users on the computer and the system