End-to-End Management with ERP Program

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning systems, which allow for managing employees and the functions of employees in each department of the company with different requirements, different management forms and different processes, enable using resources in the most productive, most accurate and most effective way.

Tailor-made Enterprise Resource Planning Modules

AKEAD ERP program provides end-to-end management to fulfill all functions without any problems, and increases the potential of each department and all teams that represent these departments from human resources to sales, accounting to procurement, and logistics to production. AKEAD ERP software presents solutions and serves for all processes with standard modules and different modules that can be added according to the requests.

Shared Objective, Shared Solution!

AKEAD ERP system which updates and develops itself continuously to offer a complete system to the organizations, works with business partners to provide the best solution. Enterprise Resource Planning, with a suitable structure for any kind of business from different industries, serves for the companies to save time and cost in accordance with the shared objective, have a more productive workforce, obtain an effective resource management and gain competitive edge. ERP software, which shows how to achieve a reliable planning with company objectives, offers solution with an integrated system and enables responding to different needs.

Advanced Technology Product

By simplifying even the most complicated business processes, AKEAD Enterprise Resource Planning System minimizes human errors and increases the work quality and productivity with user-friendly, easy and functional administration panels. AKEAD ERP, preferred by those who are willing to obtain a better management system with innovative technologies, differs from the classical systems with its modular structure.

The system resolves the group operations integrated with notable technical advancements, and implements the latest technology with a methodological approach. AKEAD ERP software, which effectively resolves operational challenges or the problems in the management process, develops the most accurate strategy for enterprises.

Global Business Management

For the companies that want to develop their businesses globally, AKEAD horizontally integrates the operation processes of the organizations in the production industry particularly, and vertically integrates their management processes and enables the companies to have a suitable global business management. AKEAD, being aware of the requirement to standardize various business operations at global locations to develop a global ERP system, works with global companies to implement global standardization measures. And it delivers an independent management methodology to companies as to its organizational structure, processes, systems and rules.

What You Will Earn with AKEAD ERP

When Should the ERP System be Changed?

Regardless of whether it is used for accounting, human resources or supply chain management, or to increase labor productivity in production; the ERP system needs renovation and development in each case. A company wants to use the same system as long as possible once investing in the ERP technology, but similar to all technologies, ERP has a lifetime and it may become inefficient for the enterprise after a while and prevent achieving the objectives.

You can understand if you need a new ERP program by asking yourself the following questions. “Does my enterprise resource planning system run efficiently? Does it support developing and progressing my work? Do I benefit from the enterprise investment as good as possible?” If you give a negative response to these problems, you must start using a new, updated and advanced technology ERP program as soon as possible.

A New ERP or a New Machine?

ROI, or return on investment, between a new ERP and purchasing a new machine, is not that easy for the decision makers in the production industry. The managers can calculate ROI easily for new facility equipment such as CNC, which can be more expensive than the price of a new ERP, but calculating the ROI for ERP is not that easy. Therefore, most enterprises prefer hardware investments. However, it should be emphasized that evaluating all potential points of improvement that a comprehensive solution such as AKEAD ERP would add to the company is much more important.

Advantages of Using ERP System

In such a scenario, certain advantages that may be offered by a new ERP software can be listed as follows:

• A more effective operation management and real-time cost reporting

• Workshop control and obtaining higher turnover with lower inventory

• Less workshop interruption with efficient workforce and better planning

• High employee satisfaction by reducing costs and less work time, and of course, much more…

As you see, you will increase the growth potential with the AKEAD ERP solution that offers end-to-end service, control the costs, create customer and employee satisfaction, and obtain more successful results than a CNC machine.