Move Your Company’s Potential Forward with Software Solutions

AKEAD, which provides end-to-end management by producing smart solutions for various functions of companies from accounting to sales, human resources to production with cutting-edge technology software, serves with its commercial software, enterprise resource planning, case automation systems, warehouse and store terminals, smart telephone applications and many other products.

Use the company resources as effective as possible with the enterprise resource planning system which was developed for SMEs and small-scale enterprises.
With a cash register POS suitable for every industry, both own a functional system and develop your business, and act according to the legislation.
With ERP, which provides an effective resource management, save both time and cost, create a productive workforce and gain competitive edge.
Warehouse handheld terminal software Woper allows you to conduct all transactions via mobile platform from inventory control to product management, shipment planning to sales.
Mobile Plus
The field sales software Mobile Plus, developed for the sales teams brings you a stronger portfolio management, work performance and sales experience.
With the Mobile application, developed as a mobile application of BS and ERP software solutions, you can easily access the data such as reports, inventory status information.
e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Dispatch, e-Export, e-Ledger applications bring you a system which is compatible with digital transformation and legal legislation.
Make a superior production and investment planning with the MRP system which increases efficiency, and minimizes the inventory investments, projects the requirements.
Customer Loyalty Program
Increase both sales and loyalty with the loyalty card which satisfies customer expectations and measures brand loyalty.
Through the PRO application designed for the customers of the companies which serve as B2B, you can either order your products, or examine the products, prices and much more.
  • Business Partners

    AKEAD concentrates on the success of valuable business partners and software solutions with the business partnership program, and benefits from its experiences abroad and in the industry to offer the best service and product to its customers.By contributing to the development of the business partners, it enables more effective use of the software solutions and achieving successful results.

  • Consulting Service

    In order to ensure that the users’ receive support without any errors, maintenance and support service is offered to business partners and users after the software solution becomes active.
    This service intends to improve the user experience, increase productivity and of course, enable the solution to run as good as possible.

  • Updating and Maintenance Service

    By offering update and maintenance service to maximize the software tools performance and achieve global standards, service is given with an annual update package.
    The product is licensed for 1 year with the package, and it also benefits from the developments and changes in the applications.

  • Training Programs

     The trainings of users and business partners intend to enable using AKEAD software solutions as efficiently as possible, and enabling our customers to receive the best service.These trainings both increase the compatibilities, theoretical and practical knowledge, and solution presentation skills of the business partners,and they also enable the users to receive a functional training.

  • Data Security

    In order to avoid any loss of data, AKEAD-FTP offers 3 different methods for back-up, and it enables the security of the users’ data with the options of automatic back up and backing up on the device.

Sector-Specific Solutions

With nearly 20 years’ experience, AKEAD offers special solutions for 4 main industries mainly including service, production, retail and wholesale. AKEAD satisfies the needs of users with software solutions used by service delivering enterprises in many different areas both responds to the industrial expectations and creates new opportunities.


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