Custom Software for the Manufacturing Industry

Since the first day of manufacture, the manufacture industry has evolved dramatically, yet it needs a certain system as a common point of the companies which manufacture in various fields from the production industry to technology companies and furniture manufacturers, from automotive companies to textile

Rich Production Functions

AKEAD, stops just planning the production with the production-planning modules and takes action at many points from compensating fluctuations in customers’ demands quickly, and fulfilling the delivery requirements owing to its ERP system. Akead, considers industrial requirements instead of companies and opens the gate for a more-controlled and easier period.

Advanced Technology Product

By simplifying even the most complicated business processes, AKEAD’s system minimizes human errors and increases the work quality and productivity with user-friendly, easy and functional administration panels.

The system resolves the group operations integrated with notable technical advancements, and implements the latest technology with a methodological approach. ERP, that controls all the processes which constitute the manufacture, is one of the best investments that the companies in the production industry could make for themselves.

Process Management

The field computers which are required for real-time management of the workshops, inspect and check the industrial activities and support increasing the production capacity.

Apart from planning and monitoring the production time, workforce, machinery and physical flows, the field computers also have many other functions which make them essential for the manufacturing industry!

Quality Control

The quality control processes required to make sure that the shipped products and the received raw materials satisfy both the company’s and the customers’ quality standards, should be present at both production and distribution points. With this system, quality managers can create inspection plans, checklists and quality control tests; the receiving staff can also obtain the quality control tests of the delivered goods and organize them according to the results..

MPS System: The enhanced master production schedule system which defines all required resources and costs to cover the production demand and the existing work orders with the currently available inventories, enables conducting the currently available plans and obtaining the most productive result. It allows for real-time adjustments on the processes which have not been planned yet.