Software Consulting Service

In order to improve the user experience, increase productivity and of course, to ensure the best functionality of the provided solution, the consulting service begins when all documents and items are transferred by the project team to AKEAD Support Center when the project is completed.

Support from A to Z

In order to ensure that the users’ receive support without any errors, after the software is offered for use, a maintenance and support service is offer is presented to business partners and users. The objective of this service is to enable that the users keep their solutions in an operation order, and upgrade the system based on the changes they experience in their markets or organizations.

Improvement services offered to users in a certain order

AKEAD Support Center consists of leading specialists who are supported internationally by our worldwide partners, and who offer all maintenance services. AKEAD service has a business approach which is concentrated on a comprehensive technical information and vertical industries based on the application of thousands of projects.

• Software maintenance

• Solution maintenance

• Solution development

• Making Available

Solutions applied in different astages of projects with the rendered services

• Evaluate and compare the production operations, information systems and integration architecture, develop solutions

• Define target requirements and design the target solution, design performance improvement models

• Configure, apply and manage projects, apply corporate solutions with global, multi-locational presentations

• Apply and monitor the best practices for continuous improvement

Project Application

To make sure that this key stage is successfully conducted, AKEAD has developed a step-based agile methodology.

The Basic Model Approach: By optimizing production, it makes the best applications compatible and provides a great return on investment from the global offerings. The core model is continuously developed during the project based on the experience gained and gradual upgrades. Making use of experience and repetition is associated with a strategy of dramatic reduction of costs and acceleration of the application.

Project Methodology: All stages of the project, including project outputs, the details of the structure, organization and responsibilities between the customer and AKEAD consultants are listed.