Custom Software for the Retail Industry

AKEAD software produce solutions for the dynamic and evolving structure of the retail industry, which represents sales to the end-user and dominant in almost every field. They allow for fast, productive and error-free management of the entire system with the technological infrastructure on the one site, and pave the way to increase customer satisfaction on the other side.

Solutions Which Grasp the Industry’s Dynamism

With the emergence of the e-Commerce, the retail industry has grown globally, and it needs different solutions day by day as one of the most developed industries of Turkey. Since it is one of the industries with the highest level of competition, the retail industry needs more accurate use of the investments and customer satisfaction, and AKEAD has developed products suitable for its demands, and providing speed, productivity and competitive edge to its customers in the industry.

Cash Register POS Software

The cash register POS system preferred by the retail industry enterprises that serve in different operation fields such as clothing stores, markets and toy companies, is used as a selling screen at the front side, and as an office management system at the back side, thus offering an integrated management network to enterprises. By minimizing the margin of error, which is very important for the retail industry, the POS software provides a performance increase, and it enables campaign, promotion and correct pricing.

The software with a user friendly, simple and functional management area also makes it certain that the organizations in the retail industry act in accordance with the legislations

Solutions for Needs

With enhanced features to cover the expectations of the industry, AKEAD software solutions assist the retail industry to have a complete system with products covering the needs at different points extending from supply to warehouse, logistics to branch management.

Optionally warehouse management, customer loyalty program or campaign management can also be included in the integrated modules to focus on the needs.

Customer Satisfaction with the Loyalty Card

AKEAD created a suitable customer loyalty program for brands, and it assists the companies to satisfy the customer expectations under challenging competitive conditions through the loyalty card, enables the companies to examine their customers’ purchasing habits and brand loyalties.

Loyalty card, ranking among the marketing efforts that large or small or enterprises make use of, influences both brand awareness and brand loyalty. You can differentiate yourself from your competitors by awarding long-term customer behaviors and supporting award, score, promotion efforts to increase sales.