Custom Software for the Wholesale Industry

The wholesale industry, which has a key position in interaction with the entire network from the manufacturer to the retailer and the customer, also has its own dynamics similar to other industries

Strategic Management from A to Z

Due to working with a multitude of products, this industry has a more challenging system and requires a robust operation and supervision in every process such as warehousing, distribution and sales. AKEAD software programs act right on this point and provide an end-to-end service for the wholesale industry. The systems which automate the workflows that take too much time, enable conducting operations much faster.

Warehouse Automation

AKEAD Woper which allows for many transactions from inventory control to price management, shipment planning to product control, purchasing to sales management, minimizes the workload, additional costs and the spent time, and prevents any potential problems that may arise.

With the warehouse automation system and warehouse management program which are critical for the companies to increase their profit ratios, warehouse inventories are more effectively monitored; production, order and transfers can be redirected to the required warehouses more easily, and as a result, warehouse costs are intended to be reduced and the profitability is intended to be increased.

Product Traceability

AKEAD software solutions which enable a sensitive product follow-up, offer an integrated program to create a more reliable and efficient system with product traceability. The system which recording and enables tracking the entire process from the product’s departure at the manufacturer’s site to its delivery to the end user easily, and paves the way for the security of enterprises.

Thanks to all these management means, in the event of any undesired circumstances, the system enables accessing the information of the purchaser of the product, and recalling the products. At the same time, the product traceability assists identifying the origin of any food security problems, complying with the legal obligations, and satisfying the criteria related with the safety and quality of the purchased products.