Leading Business Partners In Their Fields with Software Training Programs

With the training programs we provide in order to increase our business partners’ competencies, theoretical and practical knowledge, and solution-offering skills we both train new specialists and intend to provide a better service to our customers.

Software Solutions that Hit the Bull's Eye!

Business partners pass through a 4-staged training program, they increase the productivity of using software at the end of the training, and become remarkable mentors for the licensed companies to achieve their objectives. The training service, which generates positive results for both parties, increases productivity.

AKEAD Software User Training Activities

We provide the companies that use our software solutions with a preliminary training during the first installation, and enable the company employees to learn the application actively. Every department from sales to marketing, and finance to shipment should be trained on the use of AKEAD software tools which provide end-to-end service by including commercial software applications for sales, marketing and logistics in addition to the accounting software. We provide regular training at AKEAD Authorized Training Centers, which are authorized to cover this need.

Customer Training:Functional training at different levels, integration training with different modules, operational business training and skill courses for new users and management

Business Partners Training

• Advanced training programs and certification courses

• Focusing on after-sales application methodologies

• Training to optimize the overall results and performance of long, medium and short-term planning

Gaining Competence and Skills

• Introduction courses about the concepts which assist in preparing specifications or choosing solutions

• On-site or standard training at our training center by a team of experienced consultants