A Strong Sales Experience with the Field Sales Program!

Advance your business with AKEAD Mobile Plus, developed to increase the productivity and performance of the sales teams, obtain a more effective portfolio management, reinforcing customer relations, increase the ratio of achieving the objective, and ensure the conduct of all of these and more via mobile devices.

Mobile Sales Program for Higher Targets

By allowing the management of hot and cold selling processes via mobile devices, the mobile sales program enables a better experience of customer portfolio in terms of both sales, marketing and services. Mobile Plus application, leverages sales targets with tailor-made solutions which are aligned with the energy and intensity of dynamic sales teams that are always on the move.

An Integrated Solution with Mobile Sales System

AKEAD Mobile Plus field sales software enables teams to access current information and actual numbers anytime they need by offering an integrated solution for the companies to analyze their businesses more comprehensively and obtain a customer oriented business.

Mobile sales application enables the sales teams to achieve a more efficient business order, and sets ground for the sales to increase in a short time, and the costs to decrease. The enterprises gain a competitive edge with all of these, and move their sales targets even higher.

A Stronger Business Solution with Mobile Application

Companies have gone through a change with the digital transformation which has influenced every aspect from the way of doing business to customer expectations, management of sales to distribution channels. The companies are required to chnage their way of doing business for accurate integration into this digital transformation, and use the required software solutions for it. AKEAD Mobile Plus mobile sales system as one of these solutions, covers the expectations of the changing sales structure and responds to the needs.

The mobile sales application covers the needs of various industries by offering various modules to increase the productivity of sales teams with higher burden on their shoulders as a result of the high level of competition and digital transformation, and enable them to advance their companies.

Different Perspectives with the Detailed Analysis System

AKEAD mobile sales systems which eanble the businesses to have more comprehensive information about their industries and the market situation, and make a more accurate sales management under the light of these data, assist identifying all opportunities and attaining more productive results.

You can create a strategy and make a difference by making detailed analysis through the field sales software in order to be a few steps ahead of their competitors who take sales decisions with very little information about their markets. You can develop sales tactics through AKEAD Mobile Plus, which enables you to unlock major tendencies in your market fields, make industrial pricing and take smarter business decisions with detailed statistics.

Higher Profitability with Field Sales Program

Mobile field sales program which provides a faster sales process and consequently a higher profit level, automates the traditionally-practiced manual sales processes, and provides increase in productivity and cost saving for enterprises. The entire process is conducted via mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and handheld terminals, while it supports the enterprises who perform field sales to receive orders instantly, automate them and take orders more accurately.

The application has many features such as customer profile, order history, special pricing, invoice management, CRM, and product management, and it runs with all iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Why Should the Companies Install a Mobile Sales System?

• As following up the performances of field employees is technically difficult, the company joins the process real-time with the mobile application.

• The processes such as note taking and form creating are carried out via the mobile application, which prevents field sales representatives from losing time with paper forms and documents.

• Modules specialized for created detailed sales performance reports are used.

• The difficulty of managing orders with sales from the inventory or catalog, and the problem of updating the changing product range are eliminated.

• Any unnecessary delays in the process of concluding the order, and similarly the delays in invoice processing and collection are avoided.

For Which Companies is Mobile Selling Application Suitable?

AKEAD Mobile Plus mobile selling application, which has an ideal and effective area of use for many companies in various industries, is preferred by businesses from every field as it responds to the requirements of sales teams through a single program.

Field sales automation program has a suitable system for manufacturers, distributors, corporate product and service sale and promotion companies and wholesalers who have field sales personnel and it is the biggest assistant of the sales teams…

What You Can Do with AKEAD Mobile Plus

• The managers can define targets for each seller and then obtain accurate and live sales reports

• Identify targets according to the sales activities, distribution, income or business requirements

• Compare sales targets to actual results and assist the managers to monitor and measure their teams

• Provision of separate menu interfaces and responses for managers and field staff

• Enabling the managers to see and respond to the comments entered by the field staff at their current locations

• Guiding field sales representatives in identifying the areas that they conduct well and that can be developed

• Creating reports on the basis of sales performance and conducted surveys

• Stock verification before ordering

• Receiving orders even at locations without access to the Internet, and transferring the data later, after accessing to the Internet

• Instant printing or e-mailing the received order or the issued invoice

• Preventing human errors

• Highlighting the products which should primarily be sold

• Creating a detailed customer profile and examining the history of the order

• Offering recommendations on the basis of the customers’ order history

• Ease of updating customer data with the CRM solution

• Instant data retrieval to obtain the latest updated data

• Enabling the sellers to see their own customers and sales with effective authorization management

• Adding visuals to products to facilitate sales

• Controlling discounts and special price requests with authorization management

• Supporting offline work; making a survey and creating a report

• Perfect integration of the order details with the system

• 100% visibility in field sales activities and profitability measurements

• Increase in sales cycle productivity

• Increase in the productivity of field sales representatives