Update and Maintenance Services

It is critical for software tools to catch up with the speed of technology and innovations as they need regular updates due to their dynamic and evolving structure. AKEAD update and maintenance services, is the best method to keep your software always up-to-date!

Catch Up Innovations with Regular Software Updates!

AKEAD offers the required support to companies regularly by specialized teams as companies always have to follow-up the update in accordance with the requirements of the current era. By providing update and maintenance service to maximize the software tools performance and achieve global standards, service is given with an annual update package.

Customized Update Service

Considering the modules used by each user, a user-oriented update is preferred, thus requiring the customers to pay for an update of a module that has not been licensed for them is prevented. The update package bot maintains the product licensed for 1 year with the package, and also benefits from the developments and changes in the applications. The updates are uploaded by the business associates who sell the license.

Always be ahead of time with AKEAD update services!

Respond to the updated laws and changing regulations, the market expectations, technological innovations, users’ requests and industrial applications under all circumstances.

EDI / Electronic Data Interchange

AKEAD users can share with each other all these documents electronically as quotations, orders, dispatch notes, invoices and return invoices. The documents you produce are communicated to the opposite party with the intervals you would determine. The documents created for you drop to the incoming mail box and wait for your approval.

CPD / Common Product Database

This feature enables the companies to benefit from the common product definition repository. With the use of the application, different naming and losses of time in the products presented by manufacturers in the store channel are avoided; maximum benefit and efficiency are obtained.

Backing Up

For the circumstances that the companies may experience as a disaster scenario, FTP backup is formed on AKEAD servers. The files compressed with a password to be determined by the companies in a potential case, are automatically backed up on the FTP of the company or on AKEAD servers at the date and time determined by the authorities.

Mobile Application

AKEAD Mobile is among our functional solutions which enable you to access your commercial software data, reports, statistics etc. practically from anywhere you want. As one of the services offered to our customers, AKEAD Mobile is provided free of charge to our all customers with a valid maintenance contract.