Brand-Specific Customer Loyalty Card

The customer loyalty program brings a solution to both maintain strong relations of the existing customers with the brand, and make the potential customers one of the users of the brand, and assists the enterprises to make a difference under the challenging competitive conditions, and show their advantageous aspects.

Customer Loyalty Program and Long Term Interaction

Long-term conduct of the applications such as customer loyalty programs is definitely crucial as the stronger the bond between the customer and the brand is, the more satisfying it will be for the enterprises! Correct, effective and beneficial customer loyalty programs enable the brands to have permanent customers, while they also increase brand awareness and provide bilateral gains.

Identify Customers’ Shopping Decisions

Customer loyalty card as one of the permanent assets of customer loyalty programs, is among the marketing efforts that large or small all enterprises refer to and use. AKEAD, adding value to enterprises with the loyalty card regarding the customer loyalty solution, plays a role in identifying shopping decisions of the customers.

The more positive experience the customers have, the more faster the loyalty follows it. Customer loyalty card, as an important instrument for the enterprises to show that they really care for their customers, is an effective application on both brand awareness and brand loyalty…

Reward your Customers with the Loyalty Card

AKEAD software solutions, which create a suitable customer loyalty program for your brand, are commonly preferred by the retail industry, particularly. AKEAD helps companies to satify customer expectations under challenging competitive conditions through the loyalty card, and assists customers in examining their procurement habits and brand loyalties, and prepares the ground for creating brand loyalty on new and existing customers. The loyalty solution is supported with rewarding methods towards customers to increase both sales and commitment such as awards, points and promotions etc. The behaviors of the long-term customers among the most valuable assets of the brands are also awarded to assist managing the customer expectations under defined.

What You Can Do with the Customer Loyalty Program

• Increase customer loyalty with customer promotion method, and obtain new customer potential and brand awareness,

• Increase sales and profit with regular spending of loyal customers, analyze customers according to their purchasing habits,

• Allow for measuring the achievements of the campaign, create e-mail or SMS lists for campaign announcements

• Obtain a system which runs as integrated with e-commerce, define customer-based discount, and improve brand reputation and customer experience with the positive effects of the program,

• Report the accrued points, upload points and analyze movements; become closer to customers with all this information obtained from the customer card and the loyalty program.