Mobile Solutions

AKEAD Mobile, designed as the mobile application of AKEAD-BS and AKEAD-ERP software solutions, which are the two key products of AKEAD, offers a wider control and supervision possibility on the programs used.

Mobile ERP for More Effective Data Supervision

AKEAD Mobile application, a service presented to customers who use BS or ERP systems and have a support package, can be used free of charge by all users with a support package. The application, which is compatible with mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, offers full control by enabling access to the data such as reports, inventory status and customer contact details from anywhere and anytime.

End-to-End Management with ERP is on Mobile Now

AKEAD Mobile, which enables accessing from mobile devices practically to the data obtained through the enterprise resource planning system, offers a great freedom.

Regardless of whether they are marketing, accounting or sales teams, each of them can access data related with their own fields, and have an unlimited control mechanism with this mobile application. As a result, the workforce will be used more productively and effectively, and the needed solutions will be accessed more quickly.

A Stronger Business Solution with Mobile Application

By allowing inspection of the business management via mobile application, AKEAD Mobile application takes AKEAD BS solution to a more strategic point, and with its user-friendly design, it enables accessing the requested reports or data and information instantly. Through smart phones and tablets, the program allows for the management of the BS program at the office or at home, and creates an effective control environment. Through real-time access to data, the most current data can be accessed instantly.

Transactions Made Via AKEAD Mobile Application

Main transactions that can be realized through the AKEAD Mobile application, which provides easy access to many data and reports obtained in ERP and BS programs can be listed as follows:

• Detailed reports such as sales etc. which can be drawn daily, weekly or monthly

• Product query actions such as price and current inventory status

• Any statistical information available in ERP and BS programs

• Customer query actions such as contact details and customer balance