Mobile B2B e-Commerce Application

AKEAD Pro, developed for the companies providing B2B services, to enable their own legal customers to make an order via smart phones and tablets practically, offers a great ease of use and competitive edge.

B2B Software Solutions

AKEAD Pro application offers many advantages to companies by allowing for marketing, promotion and selling products without need for sales representatives and door-to-door sellers who normally fulfill these functions. Particularly at the companies without a sufficient number of representatives, the mobile e-commerce application AKEAD Pro offers a great ease, and allows for the companies to deal with commerce in the digital environment more effectively in accordance with the current trends, and it also increases the commitment of B2B customers through the advantages offered.

Let your Application Be Unique for Your Company’s Title!

The companies that prefer AKEAD Pro application, can use this mobile e-commerce application with the name Pro, or they can customize it for their own organizations’ name, and post on App Store and Google Play. B2B customers can examine the products, prices and inventories via the application they download through these channels, and make orders.

The program which enables overpassing the companies without a mobile application, minimizing errors, preventing loss of time and increasing the profit ratio of companies, can also run as completely integrated with AKEAD BS and ERP software.

AKEAD Pro enables you to

• Examine and order products practically

• Display special prices defined for the customer

• Scan the product barcode and create an order quickly

• See the current inventory where allowed

• Follow status of the orders

• Display account movements

• Access the most recently ordered products quickly

• Display and edit user contact details