With the Store and Warehouse Handheld Terminal Software, The Control is Yours!

AKEAD Woper store and warehouse handheld terminal software that allows for mobile performance of many transactions from inventory control to price management, shipment planning to product control, purchasing to sales management, minimizes the workload, additional costs and the spent time, and prevents any potential problems that may arise.

Solution for Fast and Productive System is Handheld Terminal Program

Store and warehouse management system developed for quick, error-free and productive operation of the store and warehouse management in the enterprises, presents a broad area of use in both wholesale and the retail industry with its parametric structure that provides system suitable for the workflows of all companies regardless of the industry.

It is Always with You with Mobile Application!

Woper store and warehouse handheld terminal program can be used for complete hassle-free management at anywhere it is required thanks to its mobile availability, and allows for even the staff who is not completely competent to do their business easily with its simple and user-friendly interface screens.

Regardless of the brand or model, the software works hassle-free with all mobile handheld terminals, and offers many features to enterprises in addition to the means provided by standard warehouse terminals such as software, inventory count and goods acceptance.

Effective and Efficient Warehouse Automation

Contrary to the inventory follow-up, the warehouse automation has a more comprehensive structure and content; which means managing many processes such as a layout plan, tour code, pelleting, upload and acceptance. Warehouse management, which has turned into a more important concept at present, carries the enterprises’ productivity to unprecedented levels when it is performed correctly. AKEAD Woper offers a high performance level, which responds to the requirements of businesses by changing inventory modules, warehouse management system and warehouse inventory program that do not have sufficient capacity to manage this value.

With the warehouse automation system and warehouse management program, warehouse inventories are more effectively monitored; production, order and transfers can be redirected to the required warehouses more easily, and as a result, warehouse costs are intended to be reduced and the profitability is intended to be increased.

Integrated Management with All Systems

In-store and warehouse management software which can run as integrated with AKEAD-ERP and AKEAD-BS software solutions, offers end-to-end service and enables to streamline the entire system from A to Z. Regardless of whether the enterprises use single solution or all solutions; they attain effective management means which respond to AKEAD’s secure and efficient software requirements.

Organizations which use all means of AKEAD Woper store and warehouse handheld terminal software both increase customer satisfaction thanks to accurate processing of management, and they reduce the operating costs. Both save time, keep your data safe and acquire a more productive workforce with AKEAD software solutions!

Product Management

Product Search Feature and New Product Entry: Accessing the product information searched in the registered products by searching according to barcode, description or product group. Recording new products.

Price Control Mechanism: Controlling the sales price of the product registered on the system. Quick and practical modification of sales prices.

Price Calculation: Calculating total sales price of a basket with multiple products

Shelf Labels: Printing store and warehouse labels; creating a shelf label according to the locations of the products in the store or warehouse

CPD: Automatic recording of product description from common product database

Storage and Inventory Management

Count: Blocked or fragmented counts of products in warehouses

Inventory Movements: Entering manual warehouse inventory movements

Warehouse Order: Creation of pallets with a warehouse order according to tour code, and creating shipment preparation lists

Inventory Follow-up: More effective and quicker inventory follow-up

Purchasing Management

Supplier Order:Entering new orders

Goods Acceptance Transactions:MControlling product, quantity, price etc. during goods acceptance and accepting the products

Sales Management

Shipment Plan: FIFO, expiry date, Preparation of a shipment plan according to Lot and guarantee date; reduction of shipment and receipt periods

Shipment Preparation:Recording the product and quantity to create a new sales document

Returned Products:Recording reception of returned products

Traceability:Recording all transactions performed on the handheld terminal program, and ensuring complete retrospective traceability