Do not Miss Digital Transformation with AKEAD e-Solutions!

Digital transformation, at the focus of all companies, has opened the gate of a new period with e-solutions and conveniences they provide to enterprises for e-transformation concepts! AKEAD, which enables all organizations to have a system compatible with digital transformation with e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Dispatch, e-Export, e-Ledger applications, joins the future planning of Turkey. Thanks to the systems which are moved to the digital environment, the enterprises both save time and cost, thus obtain a more productive and controlled business process.

Solution-producing e-Transformation Applications

e-Solutions within the framework of legal compliance which satisfy all requirements determined by the Revenue Administration, enables following up and managing all processes within the developed integrated software. Comprehensive digital applications which started and developed with e-Government solutions, offer many facilities to companies, and they also produce solutions for various needs. e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Dispatch and e-Export applications as the leading e-Solutions enable enterprises to attain a more systematic order with their fast and comprehensive infrastructure.


AKEAD e-Invoice application allows for carrying out all invoice transactions in a digital environment, and with its structure which satisfies the criteria determined by the Revenue Administration, it enables issuing, maintaining and submitting invoices as electronic documents in UBL-TR standard, and enables their delivery from the sender to the recipient with the defined data transfer protocol.

How does the e-Invoice Process Works?

In the e-Invoice process, the first step is the control of the tax number entered on the customer card. Then, with the document issued to e-invoice taxpayers, the integrator’s infrastructure is used and e-Invoice sending and receiving is carried out with the integration of the electronical signature server and the Mailbox of the Ministry of Finance, Revenue Administration. This process is delivered from AKEAD software to the Revenue Administration. The e-Invoice, which is legally equivalent to a hard copy invoice, includes all information required to be made available according to the tax procedure law. On the received e-Invoices, the customers and suppliers are matched for once; if they are not already registered in the system, then their records are automatically created.

Advantages of e-Invoice Application

• Commercial transactions become faster and error-free with the integration of invoice submission processes. Delays in payments are eliminated with fast invoicing process.

• The risk of disappearing of the documents is completely resolved, all documents are saved safely for many years. Save labor and time, increase productivity, and as a result, increase company profit.

• Eliminate costs such as invoice printing, sending, archive and storage. Fulfill the requirements for e-Invoice under the scope of the general communique of Tax Procedure Law.

• Attain more secure, faster and more functional systematics via e-solutions. Obtain great savings in company expenses. Get a more eco-friendly installation with the reduction of use of paper in the company.

e-Archive Invoice

e-Archive, which was started with the General Communique seq. no. 433 of Tax Procedure Law, enables creating, saving and submitting where required the second copy of invoices electronically. AKEAD provides e-Archive Invoice service via menus in BS and POS software. Where required, the first copy of the invoice can also be submitted electronically. Any companies which sell their products or services on the Internet and satisfy the requirements of the regulations are required to use e-Archive application for the invoices they issue to companies and consumers, regardless of whether they are covered under e-invoice. If the e-mail address of the customer or the supplier is mentioned for the e-Archive invoice, then a copy of the invoice is required to be submitted as PDF. According to the communique, all companies that are e-Invoice taxpayers also have an obligation for e-Archive. The joint use of e-Archive and e-Invoice applications, enables the company to issue and keep all invoices electronically both in B2C and B2B channel.


According to the Tax Procedure Law no. 213, e-Dispatch started to be used in 2018 and defines the documents digitally submitted between the seller and the buyer on a closed system with the standards defined by the Revenue Administration, which replaces a hard copy dispatchand includes the information provided on it. Briefly, e-Dispatch means the delivery of the dispatch note details from the buyer to the seller electronically, and it can be used by the taxpayers who use the e-Invoice application, and satisfy the principles listed in the communique.

E-dispatch, which is prepared, submitted, presented and saved electronically, has the same legal qualifications as a hard copy dispatch note. Similar to that in e-invoice, the application is an e-solution with the fields required on a dispatch note only and used only between the companies registered as digitalized, enables both secure, fast and easy transactions.


e-Export enables you to sell your products abroad to grow your company and create new opportunities as one of the rising trends lately! e-Export application allows for the exporters of goods and e-Invoice taxpayers to issue their e-invoices for exports in a more secure, more accurate and practical way in accordance with the legislations.

According to the framework provided in the Revenue Administration’s technical guide, the recipient’s information on e-invoices should be issued as the Ministry of Customs and Trade. The e-Export application ensures that the e-invoices are issued accurately, and enables completing the entire invoicing process digitally. IN addition to allowing for creating e-export invoices easily, the application also issues an invoice model and delivers it to the Ministry of Customs and Trade.


e-Ledger application, which was designed to digitally keep, store and submit the general journals and ledgers which are required to be maintained digitally due to the Tax Procedure Law and the Turkish Law of Commerce, enables fast and quick delivery of these electronically created documents to the Revenue Administration.

e-Ledger, available for real and legal entities who satisfy the conditions listed in the Electronic Ledger General Communique 1 can be saved digitally for many years.

Features That Reduce Workload

AKEAD commercial software which run as completely integrated by using TURKKEP infrastructure, and which were approved for compliance by the Revenue Administration, offer the e-Ledger service to users via BS menus. e-Ledger, which belongs to the term closed by obtaining the Revenue Administration’s approval via the integrator, is created in the AKEAD software, and the obtained e-Ledger is signed with a fiscal seal.

e-Ledger application has a prominent place among e-Solutions and it enables the enterprises to;

Be ready for audits any time, get rid of the burden of document archiving, storage etc., make transactions faster and easier, eliminate costs such as paper, notary and printer, and use time and workforce more effectively.