Your Need is Traceability for Permanent Reliability

Product traceability, which is established to ensure the consumers’ and users’ access to secure products prevents many problems with its structure which allows for correct conduct of the inspections. Traceability, which gives importance to the human health by ensuring the identification of damaged, fake or defective products paves the way for production with correct standards.

Single-point Follow-Up with Product Traceability

The traceability system allows for monitoring the entire process from the manufacturer to the consumer, and enables monitoring all movements through a single point. AKEAD, who assists easier management of this process with traceability solutions, prepares ground for the enterprises’ safety, and supports them for saving both time and cost.


Ideal Solution for Traceability

AKEAD software solutions which enable a sensitive product follow-up, offer an integrated program to create a more reliable and efficient system with traceability. The system which recording and enables tracking the entire process from the product’s departure at the manufacturer’s site to its delivery to the end user easily, is preferred by various industries.

Thanks to all these management means, in the event of any undesired circumstances, the system enables accessing the information of the purchaser of the product, and recalling the products. The data such as batch number, expiry date, production date, series number, and product description are among the most commonly used data for traceability and they assist the traceability.

Traceability in Food Security

Diseases and epidemics which cause insecurity against animal meat and derivatives particularly in consumers, and potential risks and deaths which arise as a result, enable seeing how important the product tracking system is more clearly. Such problems damage the confidence of the consumer in the product quality on the one side, and cause the manufacturer to lose the market share on the other side. At this point, food/product traceability emerges as a vital solution.

When a problematic product is identified, recall is successfully realized and the public health is protected, while the image of the manufacturer company is also protected. A very positive impact is also created on the consumers with the traceability of the food to its source.

System That Generates Solution for Food Health

The traceability solution is realized by batch follow-up, expiry date and production date. The concept of batch is obtained with production date and batch component which would allow for retrospective monitoring of the product, while it expires with packaging, storage and delivery to the final consumer in the end.

Traceability enables timely and accurate definition of the places where the product is located in the supply chain, by using automatic data collection techniques. At the same time, the system assists identifying the origin of any food security problems, complying with the legal obligations, and satisfying the criteria related with the safety and quality of the purchased products..

Why Should You Use Traceability Solutions?

Traceability solutions enable the manufacturers to obtain healthy and high-quality products with the traceability it provides with its facilitation and provision of a more reliable and higher quality brand.

Product traceability is preferred by the medical, cosmetics and healthcare industries in order to trace any healthcare problems that may arise in animal products, and it is mandatory in the food industry of the developed countries particularly in order to protect the human health.

Why AKEAD Traceability Solutions?

AKEAD’s solution which offers a fast, reliable and easy management with the user’s panel, you can facilitate some of your work with some preliminary settings while entering the batch number. Regardless of whether the batch number is given by the manufacturer or manufactured by yourself, the functioning of the program is not effected in any manner and the follow-up process is provided with the same ease.

With AKEAD Product Traceability

• Production with the correct standards is ensured and the criteria related with the safety and quality of the products are satisfied,

• The entire process from the manufacturer to the consumer is saved and a tight audit system is established,

• All movements are followed through a single point, and the place of the product in the supply chain is determined with the automatic data collection techniques,

• Defective or failed products are identified instantly and recalled, legal requirements are complied with.

• The data such as batch number, expiry date, production date, series number and product description are added.