More Effective Production and Investment Planning with MRP

It is possible to make a more successful and superior production and investment planning with MRP, or Material Requirement Planning, which is intended to increase productivity of companies, minimize inventory investments, project requirements, create a high-quality production process, save time and money! Planning production, organizing raw material supply and delivery, and managing completed inventory levels with MRP program, also enable increasing customer satisfaction with the timely delivery of orders.

MRP System as a Guide for Enterprises

MRP, preferred by many industries with mass production such as textile, automotive, food and drugs as a solution satisfying their requirements, acts as a guide for enterprise and informs them on how they should organize their investment plans. The MRP system identifies which materials would be required for production and when, and enables them to be ready on time; and provides a detailed planning from procurement to the production stage, warehouse costs to the time of delivery.

Production is Under Control with AKEAD MRP!

AKEAD MRP software, which is based on three main functions, enables the availability of proper materials for production, only the lowest level of materials and products required are maintained in the inventory for savings, and finally the production functions, delivery and procurement processes are planned.

As the differences in the consumers’ expectations and product diversity increase day by day with continuously more stringent competition, it is very important for the enterprises to seize the entire control with the systems such as MRP. Guiding programs such as AKEAD MRP software are required for creating products with distinctive properties, increasing the quality and satisfying the customers’ requirements.

Properties Expected From a Material Requirement Planning System

With a recipe which provides a complete list of all items required to create a product, you can plan the raw material purchases, estimate material costs, have an inventory control, follow and plan material requirements and ensure supply robustness. A product recipe contains product codes; descriptions, quantities costs and other specifications of parts.

Structures which Provide a Systematic Order to the Production Module: Hierarchical recipe description, recipe map, production planning, material requirement planning, agenda for machines and staff, follow-up of contracted manufacturing, control and maintenance planning, customizable interfaces, product cost, batch and Lot tracking, product monitorability, barcoded product tracking and labeling.

Lower Costs, Higher Customer Satisfaction

MRP system, with a direct impact on customer satisfaction, enables making sure that there is sufficient stock in the warehouses to cover the requirements of customers who want their products to be delivered on time. Companies need to reduce their costs, increase their production performances, pace with tight competitive conditions, and have a more effective management mechanism to satisfy their customers’ demands and create customer satisfaction.

And it is possible with a well-scripted MRP program, of course. AKEAD Material Requirement Planning system knows that the way to success in practice goes through ensuring the best communication with the customer, analyzing their requirements completely, and acting flexibly to ensure compliance with different production systems which may arise.

Why Should You Use AKEAD MRP System?

• To make a more effective production and investment planning, manage work flow and create a comprehensive application,

• To establish an easy production system, to ensure revision control and production-centered document management,

• To save time and cost, manage manufacture and quality status,

• To create supply & demand balance, obtain a more productive labor, and for production line and machine monitoring control,

• To create purchasing requests with recommendations, create RFID and barcode support, and have a paperless workshop management.•

How Production Process is Realized with AKEAD MRP?

The production process is started by using recipe, project code-linked order or direct production processes. During the planning of the production, the beginning and ending time of the processes should be given as date, hour and minute, and selection should be made according to the capabilities of the machine and the employee. The planning drops to the workshop panels and these screens provide work orders, machine, employee and process details. The production process is started by the employee, the machine is operated with the details of the employee and product until the production is concluded.

Quality control, contracted manufacturing defined in the process are followed, and the production cycle is completed with the end of the production activity, and entering the product quantity. Costs are created with the planned and realized processes as a result of production and the quantitative data. With the production process, materials exit the inventory and the products enter the inventory. Production activities are controlled with the materials required for production, requirement, and capacity utilization.