Support Services

We are always by your side to offer solutions for all needs of AKEAD users with our support and consulting services! Our customers can access support through 3 different services related with their questions and requests and any technical problems.

Fast, Effective, Reliable Solutions

In order to enable you to use the software solutions more efficiently, we provide: telephone support, on-site support and remote access support services to answer all your technical questions quickly and effectively. Our customers who have a continued annual update service with AKEAD receive unlimited telephone and remote desktop support, and back-up service in addition to an up-to-date AKEAD software license. They also have their mobile application, EDI and CPD services continued.

High-Quality Service with the Call Center

Call our call center at 0(850) 360 0 390 during work hours for telephone support service. This service, offered for rendering quick solutions to users’ problems, can be used for 1 year, and support in the following years is provided depending on the purchased update package.

If you wish, you can also create a ticket for the call team easily within the software program. The authorities will call you back as soon as possible. Please contact our colleagues after the mentioned time periods.

Quick Support with Remote Access

A controlled experience is waiting for you with remote access service that enables accessing the most accurate solution as fast as possible. With the enterprise license of AKEAD TeamViewer‎, our specialists offer an uninterrupted support to their users, and provide an end-to-end service.

You can access remote access service within the time periods defined in accordance with the work order.

A final Solution On-Site Support

The solution is at your gate with the on-site support service offered by our business partners to our customers! This service, determined according to the scope of the maintenance agreement, is recommended for retail companies particularly.