Service Industry-Specific Solutions

The service industry has a critical place in fulfilling any kind of economic activities as one of the building stones of the economy… It causes a high competition, and results in a higher importance of customer satisfaction, and of course employee productivity.

Software to Increase the Potential

From tourism to health, education to finance, automotive to accommodation, and communication to entertainment; the service industry brings together many different fields with a focus of customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction, which require special solutions. AKEAD has developed software suitable for the requirements of the services industry with its technical infrastructure and experience to assist the businesses in developing themselves and increasing their service quality.

CRM Solution

The CRM solution, which turns the dreams of enterprises that have gone through dramatic transformations to obtain competitive superiority in the modern market, is among the structures that each organization in the services industry should receive support from.

With the CRM solution which intermediates for creating sales projections and managing the future with a sales cone, the enterprises have increased their productivity and sales; furthermore, they have acquired more content with the customer data. The developed customer relations have both improved the business process, and they organize the sales, marketing, customer services and technical support departments.

Human Resources Management

The human resources management program which enables detailed registration of the personnel information and full compliance of the employees working at the company, presents a comprehensive system with payroll, leave, monthly workforce and social security declaration fields.

The system functions as integrated with front office accounting and general accounting, and it enables keeping general notes about the staff, creating department and staff positions, and assigning jobs. This program enables managing employees as the frontline assets of the services industry more accurately and efficiently.