Invest in the Future with Akead Software Solutions!

Together with technology, which is essential for modern enterprises, the companies always need better management systems which refresh themselves with innovative technologies to improve their business models, operations and processes digitally. In order to cover such needs and more of the companies, AKEAD was founded in Strasbourg, France in 2002. With the software solutions it has developed, AKEAD helps both local and global companies to attain a functional management approach, make correct business plans and gain competitive edge.

AKEAD, which provides smart solutions for various functions of companies from accounting to sales, human resources to logistics with the developed software products, serves with its commercial software, enterprise resource planning, case automation systems, warehouse and store terminals, smart telephone applications and many other products.

With its high-technology product software solutions, AKEAD enables enterprises to use their resources as effectively as possible, and with the knowledge and support of its experienced team of specialists and business partners, it continues pioneering in its industry and supporting companies in moving their businesses forward.

The headquarters of AKEAD was moved to Istanbul in 2008, and with nearly 20 years of experience, it offers special solutions for services, production, wholesale and retail industries. AKEAD software solutions which function in 5 different languages as Turkish, French, German, English and Dutch, and which are actively used in 12 countries, continue to multiply its achievements in the EU countries.

With its three key products; AKEAD ERP, AKEAD BS and AKEAD POS, AKEAD satisfies the needs of enterprises and offers new possibilities, and generates solutions for different requests of companies with its other software solutions. AKEAD continues to expand its product range day by day, and enables customers to shift their packages to expand their businesses.