Founder’s Message

Our journey started in France in 2002, and we are still feeling the same excitement, passion and happiness of that first day. Since the first day of our foundation as AKEAD, we have always aimed for excellence in both Turkey and globally with the confidence and support we gained from being a big family, and we have worked hard to achieve these objectives.

We are continuing to work without losing momentum to become an ambition player in the global market with our experienced team and business partners by keeping our entrepreneurial spirit to make a difference in the software world with our products.

Currently we are selling our software products and sharing our success with the world on 3 continents and in 12 different countries with our high number of customers in Europe, mainly in Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the UK, and with our initiatives in the African market.

After we decided to open the Turkey office in 2008, we started the new phase of our voyage. During this entire process, we grew altogether, had beautiful days and we have also challenged tough market conditions altogether. We are looking into the future with more confidence and price under the guidance of our values.

We pay great attention to feedback for our customers to receive the most effective and the best result from our software solutions, and we have adopted the principle of developing our products with our users and bringing them forward. We are also giving weight to R&D activities to further improve our user-friendly software applications.

AKEAD, provides end-to-end solutions to its customers in various industries with an emphasis on also offering competitive opportunities all the way. Similar to the variation of products and services of companies, our solutions also vary according to the expectations of organizations. This variation is also noted among countries, because each country’s laws, market dynamics and accounting systems etc. differ. As AKEAD we respond to all such differences.

We would like to thank our all valuable customers, business partners and employees who have joined and supported us during our almost 20 years-long presence. We will keep on working together to become a stronger, more successful and a more innovative AKEAD.

Yours faithfully