AKEAD Software Cookie Policy

Akead Anonim Şirketi (Akead Inc.) can use cookies to improve the user experience on www.akead.com website, enable transacting faster, more reliable and easier, increase the performance of the website, evaluate the users’ preferences on the website, and personalize the website for the users through these movements, analyze the visitors’ use of the website, and create advertising and marketing activities.

Together with the use of the website, the data obtained through the cookies are saved and they are processed by Akead Yazılım Anonim Şirketi. As long as the cookie settings are not changed through the browser, the related cookie use on the website is considered as being accepted. You can change the cookie settings from the settings section of the browser. Changing or blocking the cookie settings will prevent using all characteristics and services of the website.

Types of Cookies Used on the Website

Analytic Cookies: Analytic cookies which help for the development of the related website, examining the behaviors of the visitors on the website, and collecting information about the use of the website collect such information without identifying the users. Cookies used via Google Analytics also measure the effect of advertisements apart from the data obtained from the use of the website.

Google AdSense Cookies: Google AdSense cookies, which are used for advertising and marketing enable customizing the advertisements given via Google properties, measuring the effect of the advertising campaigns, and creating advertisements according to the users’ interactions.

Social Media Cookies: This cookie, created by Facebook will assist the use on how and when the related pages are shared, through which web page the user landed on the page, and collecting data about the used browser etc. These cookies intended for advertising, measurement, reporting, analysis and identity check are used when a Facebook account visits websites and applications which use Facebook products.