Accounting Management

AKEAD BS accounting management serves according to the current laws and regulations, and covers the needs of enterprises with zero error margin. Many transactions can be realized easier and faster with the hardware configuration of the accounting program developed to enable organizations to conduct their accounting problems without any problems.

A More Advantageous Accounting Program with Integrated Systems

AKEAD creates an integrated system to offer an advantage for the finance management of companies with an accounting structure developed as integrated with the front office accounting. Accounting transactions are carried out automatically with the integration of data received from operation. This structure enables companies to follow up accounting quickly and safely through a single point.

Advantages of Accounting Management

• Accounting management system allows for tracking checks & bills, banks and these transactions can both be processed from the product and customer card, and from the accounting department.

• The complex structures of banking transactions are eliminated, the transaction time is accelerated and control mechanisms are established.

• Exchange calculations are facilitated with the automatic assessment ticket

• The records are maintained updated according to real values with foreign exchange accounting.

• Accounting reports such as profit & loss, assets & liabilities, and cash flow can easily be accessed.

• The company is controlled anytime with additional reports and analyses..