Management of Statistics and Reporting

TOne of the most important characteristics which separate commercial software from accounting software is the statistics and reporting data they provide. AKEAD BS gives its users monthly, weekly and daily statistics on gross and net sales price or quantity basis with reference to date, seller, product, customer, supplier, and type of document.

Management Panels Helping to Achieve the Objective

The data obtained through the panel are not only reporting data but also statistical data. With these data, the business objectives can be reviewed, new objectives can be defined, different investments can be made or important decisions about the company can be made. The data collected through this field, which has a functional management panel, can be listed, printed or exported. The data requested via combinations presented through screens that were prepared with many details, can be accessed very easily.

Transactions that can be created via statistics and reporting management

• Graphically and visually issued statistics and reports

• Data that can easily be accessed with broad statistical features

• Detailed means of analysis with customer, product an similar filtering options

• Control and follow up with detailed reports

• Statistics and colored warnings integrated in the screens

• Ability to export all tables and reports as Excel or PDF