Order and Quotation Management

Create different quotations for your customers or suppliers via quotation and order management as one of the key components of AKEAD BS commercial software solution.

Strategic Functions

You can easily create a quotation form through the management field designed for turning the company’s prospective sales or procurement opportunities into actual actions, and turn the accepted quotations into order and issue an invoice right after. Regardless of whether it is a selling or purchasing transaction, both pass through similar processes. Since quotation and bidding are very important for the profitability of a company, you can eliminate the margin of error with the quotation and order management system programs, minimize costs and increase trust in your company.

Advantages of the System

• A bid can be requested from different companies for a product and it is analyzed with a quick view. The quotation is turned into an order and invoice. Control is provided by means of an approval.

• Documents received in different formats are saved in the product or company files. On the statistics screen, and in the reporting, the received and given bids can be reported and the past of the company/product is found out.

• The seller or the purchases assesses the performance, and obtains information about how close or away from the target the company is.

• During the quotation stage, the product information can be complemented with delivery, shipment, currency and notes content. As a result, the margin of error is minimized. A selling document can be created from a purchase, and a purchase document can be created from a sale. Order tracking and invoice tracking are performed accurately.

Error-free Promotion and Campaign Management

It is possible to eliminate errors in promotions and campaigns organized to increase the companies’ sales with AKEAD BS. The sets created by bringing together different products in the inventory are used as a promotion to increase sales, while accounting software may have difficulty in overcoming this problem.

For AKEAD, this need only appears as an inventory definition. During all processes from quotation to invoicing, sets with merged products and issued campaigns can be selected. The products defined in the set are separately deducted from the inventory when the transaction is turned into a sale.

Processes that can be Realized with Quotation, Order Management Program and Invoice Follow-up Program

• Following the entire sales process from quotation to invoicing; increasing sales with marketing and sales support tools

• Creating a new document easily from another document, calculating the seller’s commission

• Following outstanding invoices and maturities, creating automatic reminder letters